I am writing this letter in continued support of the Phoenix Project – Community Connections Center, soon to be located in Marin City.  This project was initially brought to my attention from one of our Probation Supervisors, Darrell C. Roary.  As our department continues to address issues related to high risk juveniles and young adults, we are committed to finding new outreach opportunities in Marin City but throughout the County of Marin.

The Probation Department is excited about this effort and the opportunity to provide additional support, oversight, and collaboration for this project.  Mr. Roary is doing a great job as a key member of the planning and organizing efforts, along with members of the Marin County Housing Authority, Performing Stars of Marin, Marin Public Defender’s Office, local Marin City residents, as well as otehr agencies, in hopes that additional resources can be provided to the youth of Marin City.

I thank you for your time and consideration and I am looking forward to seeing this project grow into something very special for this particular community.

-Michael Daly, Acting Chief Marin County Probation Department