John Allen Testimonial

I feel like the Phoenix Project is a community center that’s also like a home. When you are at home you feel at peace.  I could come to Phoenix to do homework, find a job, and get bus tickets or anything I needed to make improvements for myself.  I feel like Phoenix brings people together, and provides a breath of fresh air for people who want to make a change in their lives.  I’ve referred a couple of other people to Phoenix, because I believe the resources can help people.  One of the things they give us is that we can request to meet our PO officer at the Phoenix Project.  It makes it easier to not violate our probation and not have to pay for transportation.  Bringing PO officers into the community and connecting with them through Felecia’s help has probably been keeping people out of prison.  In fact, the Phoenix Project as a whole has probably saved a lot of lives.  It helps stop the revolving door and improve people’s lives.

Although I’ve ran into trouble, Felecia has been there throughout my life.  Performing Stars inspired me to learn about music and performing.  I started Moe Bandz Entertainment in 2013.  As a self-started label, we’ve done well to become one of the fastest growing record labels in the Bay Area with 34,000 likes on our Facebook page.  I am one of the performers along with another artist, Fortune, and I want the label to help provide performance opportunities for other young people in Marin City.  I just got a Certificate of Achievement certifying that I have completed the MCCDC/Laborer’s Union Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Program which will give me the ability to provide for my child and stay out of trouble.  I feel empowered to provide for my family and am determined to use the resources available to me to make my child’s life better.

Phoenix is very important because it provides services for young men, who usually don’t have many options for resources.  It provides connections to other resources that are hard to access for most people and allows them to have easier paths in getting the help they need by using Felecia and the Phoenix Project’s connections to other agencies.

John Allen successfully completed 7 years of probation in March 2016.